I have been building furniture and small wood items for the home and office for many years.  It all started when my son was about one year old and I wanted to get him a Deacon’s bench toy box for some of his toys.  The quality of the toy boxes in the stores was not very good, to say the least.  I didn’t have very many tools, but I managed to build him a Deacon’s bench toy box.  Some friends came over to visit, and they were impressed at the quality and workmanship of the toy box, so they asked if I would build them one.  Well, I did, and in the next few years I must have built over 100 toy boxes and a lot of other wood items.  I put most of the money I made back into tools. I did all this while I worked at my regular job.  Now I am retired and don’t have to work in my shop, but hardly a day goes by when I am not in the shop playing with my tools and building something.

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